Goddess Viktoria Sway

NYC Dominatrix New York Mistress FemDom

NYC Dominatrix Viktoria

NYC Dominatrix FemDom NYC Mistress New York Viktoria Sway

Viktoria Sway

NYC Dominatrix & Sex Educator ~ FemDom in New YORK City.

See me in Midtown Manhattan or as I travel worldwide.

I am the NYC Dominatrix: Goddess Viktoria Sway. At 6 ft tall, in my bare size 11 feet, experience a whole new FemDom.

Mistress of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. I thoroughly enjoy Dominatrix, Fetish, and BDSM Fantasies. Acquaint yourself with either Sensual Goddess FemDom or Strict Dominatrix Control. I’m warm and teasing or extreme and sadistic, depending on your tastes.  Regardless, expect to see my joy as I dominate you with mental fuckery. My custom sessions transport you to a new emotional high.

Are you looking for a sensual female-led experience?  Might you be tempted by something a bit more extreme and sadistic? Maybe you’re dipping your toes into a kink and need skilled guidance from a Mistress? Possibly a physical and mental challenge for complete immersion into FemDom? Above all, you crave transportation to a different plane of reality.

Consider a public outing with a discrete Mistress. My corporate background and education allow me to fit in on any occasion. Consequently, your submission plays out in any setting. 

"Charming, warm, and sweet…. until you enter my dungeon. I will laugh as I entertain myself with your toil. Regardless, I will get in your head and be the Master of your world."
Viktoria Sway
NYC Dominatrix




Are you ready to see how far you will go to please me? My femininity draws you to open in ways you’ve hidden away for years. Consequently, you will beg for my control.

Does the idea of being leashed by a powerful Mistress leave you breathless and weak-kneed?

I know what you are thinking, feeling, yearning for even better than you do. Those elusive thoughts at the edge of your imagination that you hesitate to bring out into the light of day.

Experiences that your mind can’t shake.

Is your body screaming for sensations that your mind has only dreamt of? 

Most importantly, I have the wisdom and experience to toy with your psyche, eventually delivering you to an entirely different world. Furthermore, experiences at my hands will be unrivaled throughout your life.  Surrender in obedience and servitude. Indeed, you will be clay in my hands, melded in an entire body release.

Ultimately, your submission into FemDom transforms you into a better human being. I free you from your day-to-day.  You connect with your unknown inner being because of your surrender to powerful feminine energy.

Surrender is merely the crucible for a whole-body mental and physical transformation.

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Dominatrix Interests

Over the last many years, I have enjoyed developing my FemDom personality.  I have had the pleasure of guidance of many gifted individuals. I acquired my skills through experienced mentors, private experiences, attending classes and seminars. Most importantly, based on the Safe, Sane & Consensual theory, my tactics and techniques guide a safe session. 

I approach BDSM as a therapeutic tool. Be it a brief escape from reality or a deeper exploration of your psyche.  Express your desires in the safe space I provide. Escape social norms and explore your hidden longings. Tell me your needs and be witnessed for what you desire by a non-judgemental Mistress. Ultimately, you surrender on a guided journey to a new understanding of self.

Consider a Dominatrix orchestrated dinner date or weekend getaway. Many of my FemDom roles can be acted out covertly or maybe not so covertly in public settings.

I am always a polished and charming Goddess to those not in the know. Therefore dates in public are a fun way to explore kink subversively. 


Dominatrix Experience

Dominatrix Play ~ BDSM ~ Fetish ~ Kink whatever name you call the deviation from standard sexual encounters is very personal. Therefore, the flavor and tone for each individual vary. Consider my list of offerings to see if we are a match, also pick and choose to create your dream experience.

Between my training and highly developed intuition, I offer a unique opportunity for you to explore your dreams and desires.

Power exchange, wielded by a skilled dominatrix, is a heady experience. As a result,  you experience psychological growth and healing through your exploration.

I bring joy to my FemDom and genuinely love what I do. Consequently, I laugh with delight while you submit to my whims. As a result, you transform under my touch. Most significantly, do you have what it takes to please Me? See my eyes sparkle with the knowledge that you are in the palm of my hand.

Mistress Viktoria Sway NYC
bondage and bodywork

Bondage and BodyWork

Join me for bondage and bodywork or a tie and tease. As Goddess works her magic, you float away into deep subspace.

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slut training

Collared Erotica: Reflections of My Property” ~ A BDSM Fantasy

Slut training musings from a collared submissive.

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So many Interests so Little Time

Complete Power Exchange, Sissification & Feminization, CFNM, Chastity, Orgasm Control, Financial Domination, Whore Training, Forced Bi, Queening, Tease and denial, Humiliation and Degradation, Public Play, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Sensual Sensory Play, Shoe/Boot/Hosiery Fetish, Blackmail
Sensory Deprivation, Domina Worship, Panty/Lingerie Worship, Bodywork, Restraints and, Bondage, Service Training, Medical Play, Terror and, Fear Play, Cuckolding, Breath Play Dirty Foot Fetish, Scent Fetish, Objectification, Sensory Deprivation,

Tease and Denial, Breath Play, Sensory Deprivation, Shaving, Smothering, Golden Showers, BallBusting/CBT, Enemas/Enema Training, Sounds, CBT, Edging, Choking, Service Training, Medical Play, Terror and Fear Play, Cuckolding, Strap-on, Forced Consumption.

Violet Wand Play, E-stim, Clamps/Nipple Torture, Whips/Paddles/Floggers, Milking, Impact Play, Tickling, Foot/Leg/Butt Worship, Stretching, P-Massage, Plastic Wrap/ Mummification, Domina Worship, Panty/Lingerie Worship, Bodywork, Restraints and Bondage