Surrender Sessions

Dominatrix in Portland, Oregon ∼ Mistress Viktoria

What is Surrender?

Dominatrix Play ~ BDSM ~ Fetish ~ Kink whatever name you call the deviation from standard sexual encounters are very personal and have a different flavor and tone for each individual.  These three lists to give you some ideas of activities, experiences and roles. See the toys page for ideas that many incorporate into the different scenarios below. Also consider the tone… sensual, pushy, cold, brutal: what is your flavor of dominatrix? Many may not be for you… but a few may speak to you in an unexpected way. Mistress invites you to share your deepest fantasy.  

Considering a dinner date or weekend getaway? Many of the roles can be acted out covertly or maybe not so covertly, in public settings.  Mistress is polished and charming to those who are not in the know. 



BDSM Activities



Wrestling/Grappling Tickling Mistress & Slave
Complete Power Exchange Foot/Leg/Butt Worship Female Supremacy
Fetish Role Play Sissification and feminization CFNM
Humiliation and Degradation Financial Domination Nurse/Doctor & Patient
Whore Training Shoe/Boot/Hosiery Fetish Teacher & Student
Forced Bi Pet Play Boss & Employee
Stretching Age Play Babysitter & Ward
P-Massage Panty/Lingerie Fetish Goddess & Worshipper
Queening (Clothed) Sensory Deprivation Domina & Submissive
Worship Spanking Owner & Pet
Bodywork Service Lady & Maid
Restraints and Bondage Spitting Controlling Girlfriend
Service Training Shaving Manipulative Mistress
Medical Play Smothering Kinky Girlfriend
Terror and Fear Play Golden Showers Sadistic Siren
Ball Busting/CBT Cuckolding Seductive Sensual Mistress
Tease and Denial Enemas Educator
Forced Consumption Cuckolding Fetish Coach
Sensory Deprivation Violet Wand Play Relationship Counselor
Spanking Blackmail Fetish
Corporal Punishment Public Play
Clamps/Nipple torture Exhibitionism
Whips/Paddles/Floggers Voyeurism
Forced Feminization  Sensual Sensory Play
Electrical Play
Breath Play
Impact Play