Dominatrix Viktoria’s Way- NCY Portland

Portland and NYC Dominatrix ~ Viktoria Sway

Indulgent and Nurturing to Brutal and Punishing. Let me bring your fantasy to life.

Portland and New York Dominatrix

Dominatrix Viktoria Sway
Dominatrix Viktoria Sway With Chains

At 6 ft tall in my bare size 11 feet…I am the Portland and NYC Dominatrix: Mistress Viktoria.

Mistress of the Mind, Body and Spirit. I thoroughly enjoy Dominatrix, Fetish, and BDSM Fantasies. I offer a wide range of experiences to choose from. Are you just dipping your toes into kink or looking for a physical and mental challenge,  with complete immersion in BDSM scenes? My corporate background and education allow for the versatility to fit in at any occasion: but be your skilled Mistress when called upon.

Charming, warm and sweet…. until you enter my dungeon.

I will laugh, as I entertain myself with your toil. 

Regardless, I will get in your head and be the Master of your world.

My Dominatrix Experience

Over the last many years I have enjoyed the development of my Dominant personality, through private experiences and by attending classes, festivals, seminars. Many skilled individuals have tutored me on dominance and helped to sharpen my Dominatrix skills .  I continue to seek BDSM educational opportunities, as I believe that personal growth is essential to us all.

Power exchange, wielded by a skilled dominatrix, is a heady experience, allowing for psychological growth and healing. I bring joy to my BDSM and truly love what I do. I laugh with true pleasure as I see you transform under my touch. Do you have what it takes to please Me and see my eyes sparkle with the knowledge that you are in the palm of my hand?

Mistress Viktoria Sway ~  your Portland and NYC Dominatrix

Ride with Mistress Viktoria Sway

What is Surrender?

Dominatrix Play ~ BDSM ~ Fetish ~ Kink whatever name you call the deviation from standard sexual encounters is very personal and has a different flavor and tone for each individual. I invite you to consider my list of offerings and see if we are a match.

Considering a Dominatrix orchestrated dinner date or weekend getaway? Many of the roles can be acted out covertly or maybe not so covertly, in public settings.  Mistress is polished and charming to those who are not in the know. 

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General Guidelines:

  • Health, Safety and your happiness is a priority!
  • Clearly communicate your needs to me as I will to you.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines I give you.
  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Be clean and have excellent hygiene.
  • I will verify your identity ~ this could take some time depending upon your references. I will provide you with assurances that you need within my abilities.