NYC dominatrix

NYC Dominatrix

Portland Dominatrix


At 6 ft tall, in my bare size 11 feet…I am the Portland and NYC Dominatrix: Mistress Viktoria Sway. 

Mistress of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. I thoroughly enjoy Dominatrix, Fetish, and BDSM Fantasies. Choose from soft, sensual and teasing to more extreme sadism and mental fuckery. I create custom sessions that will transport you to a new emotional high.

Are you looking for a sensual female-led experience or something a bit more extreme? Maybe you’re dipping your toes into kink? Possibly a physical and mental challenge with complete immersion in BDSM scenes is your cake?

My corporate background and education allow for the versatility to fit in at any occasion: but be your skilled Mistress when called upon.

Dominatrix services in NYC & Portland, OR

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Charming, warm and sweet…. until you enter my dungeon. I will laugh, as I entertain myself with your toil. Regardless, I will get in your head and be the Master of your world.
Viktoria Sway
Portland NYC Dominatrix
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Those thoughts at the edge of your imagination that you hesitate to bring out into the light of day.

 Experiences that your mind can’t shake. 

Is your body screaming for sensations that your mind has only dreamt of? 

Does the idea of being leashed- literally or metaphorically leave you breathless and weak kneed?

 I know what you are thinking, feeling, yearning for- even better than you do.

I have the wisdom and experience to toy with your psyche and deliver you to an entirely different world of being. What you experience at my hands will be unrivaled throughout your life.  Are you ready to surrender in obedience and servitude? Are you willing to  be clay in my hands for me to meld into a full body surrender? 

Your submission at my feet will transform you into a better human being. Freeing you from your day to day.  Surrender to a powerful feminine energy that sweeps you up and connects you with your true inner being.

Surrender is merely the crucible for a whole body somatic transformation.

Dominatrix services in NYC and Portland OR

Mistress Viktoria Sway

Viktoria Sway

Feminine Power:
Intoxicating, Magnetizing and Transformational

NYC Dominatrix

Portland Dominatrix

Mistress and Breath

Dominatrix Interests

My approach to BDSM is therapeutic, be it a brief escape from reality or a deeper exploration of your psyche. I offer a safe container to escape social norms, above all, providing you an ideal space to express your desires, needs and be witnessed for what you crave. As you build trust you will also surrender and allow me to guide you on a journey that will bring you to a new understanding of self.

Considering a Dominatrix orchestrated dinner date or weekend getaway? Many of the roles can be acted out covertly or maybe not so covertly, in public settings.

I am always polished and charming to those who are not in the know, therefore dates in public are a fun way to explore kink subversively. 

Dominatrix Experience

Power exchange, wielded by a skilled dominatrix, is a heady experience, as a result psychological growth and healing can be experienced through your exploration. I bring joy to my BDSM and truly love what I do. I laugh with true pleasure as a result you transform under my touch. Most significantly, do you have what it takes to please Me? See my eyes sparkle with the knowledge that you are in the palm of my hand.

Mistress Viktoria Sway Cage