Tour Special

Viktoria Sway On Tour Pre-Book & Submit a Deposit: 20% discount Sessions to be pre-booked a week or more in advance with a $200 deposit. Rates for touring vary per …

Upcoming Travel

I am planning travel to these cities over the next few months: LA – Nov. 10-14 Seattle Houston- Jan. Seattle NYC Las Vegas- Dec. 5-9 50% deposits required for first …

Don’t Disappoint

This is the face I make when I get a request to Serve that does not come through my site. After irritation comes disappointment… I want obedient disciples that I can shape into joyful toys for Me.

Come here little boy

Imagine all the things I will do with this chain. Locked up with no recourse. Completely vulnerable to my will.

Dominatrix Viktoria Sway
Dominatrix Viktoria Sway With Chains