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San Jose Dominatrix Tour

See Dominatrix Viktoria Sway as she tours San Jose on June 25, 26 and 27. Sessions are available at an upscale hotel or local commercial …

Hell and Back ~Suffer for This ~ Dominatrix Viktoria Sway

Collared Erotica: Reflections of My Property” ~ A BDSM Fantasy

“I want you to start working with a training partner,” said the Mistress, as she paced back and forth thoughtfully. She held a paddle in …


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Chat with Viktoria

Chat with a Dominatrix Domina Viktoria is available via Sextpanter to chat. Login and ask her any questions you might. She loves chatting about BDSM …

All About Viktoria

Make an Impression

THis Dominatrix melts for gifts Want to attract my attention? Gifts from my wish list are always a good way. You may also use this …

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Needle and Medical Play

Needles that Excite I love medical play. Needles, sounds, e-stim and more. Poking and prodding in all those vulnerable places. Seeing your blood spill out …