No References?  This option is for those without personal references. 

We all want to be safe AND protect our privacy. From the providers perspective we are going into a private space, with someone stronger than us, making ourselves vulnerable in several ways.  We have to know that we are with someone safe. To see me, clients must provide information that ensures my safety. By thoroughly and completely providing the information, without me having to ask  is the number one way that you can build trust and goodwill to ensure a great session. I’m not sure why anyone would think that I would feel completely at ease with someone that didn’t put my safety as a priority. 

For a Newbie- the best advice is to choose very reputable providers for your first visits.  They have been in the business, proven that they are safe and trustworthy and able to be discreet with your private information.  


No References Verification

Screening Option 3
Legal name as on your DL or Passport
The link you send must include a picture of you with your name.
Confirm that you have emailed a photo of your ID. You may black out all information other than your name and photo.